British Chinook in action

An Advertising Opportunity: And Much More

After the Wedding of the Century yesterday, Blackfive suggested we go public with part of something that we are working on. 

Short version for now, but there is a chance to send one of us on embed for at least three months, and to maybe do some good things for the troops while that is being done.  What we need are advertisers/sponsors who would like to have their organization thanked, linked, and possibly even their logo displayed on every post that goes up here (and maybe even at another well read site).  To sweeten the pot, in addition to Sole, Prime, and Choice advertising/sponsorship opportunities, there is a way to obtain some tax advantages as well.  Finally, above the embed, is the chance to sponsor some special events during that period of time. 

If you are interested in the possibility of being an advertiser/sponsor, drop me a line at wolf1 at laughingwolf dot goes here net and I can send full details including marketing demographics.