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Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunity Redux

Since I am now no longer a full-time employee at Purdue, I don't have to be quite so circumspect as I was in this post Mr. Chris let me know it had been too brief, and too circumspect, and suggested that I fix both.  So, here goes. 

I have the chance to go do three or more months of embed in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Not only is there a chance to do that, but Cooking with the Troops has the opportunity to do some events as part of this.  There are discussions already underway, and what I can say is that some interesting stories can come from it.  There is also some precursor work that will develop some stories as well, and you could be seeing them towards the end of the month. 

This is a dream for me, a chance to go see how some of the places I've been before have changed, get out into new places, and -- most of all -- let some of our troops tell their stories and the stories of what they are doing.  It's a chance to peel back the curtains and let you see and hear their stories, and the truth on the ground, unfiltered.  It's a chance to give you more data on strategy, tactics, and events so that you can better understand and have an informed opinion.  It's a chance to do some good along the way. 

To do it, we need advertisers/sponsors, for it is not cheap to do.  Armor has a limited life, and mine needs to be replaced.  Transportation to get to where I can pick up mil-air is what I will term interesting.  We've also identified some gear that would help, from some specialized vision and video to means of getting the stories out. 

We have advertising/sponsorship packages, and we can also work the money through Cooking with the Troops, so that organization benefits even as the sponsors get double the impact for their support.  If you are interested, drop me a line at the wolf1 addy at laughingwolf dot net and I can give you a complete package including some basic marketing data. The stories will appear here; they are likely to appear at another major site; the video will be posted to YouTube; and, we are also looking at distributing video and stories to a network of sites.  Remember, our goal is world (media) domination, and we want to use this as a chance to move that forward.