Free Bradley Manning
Secrets? Who says so? Part Two.

Wikileaks - "Secret? Who Says So?"

Due to Uncle Jimbo and his phone, I've been receiving all kinds of email with regards to the Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning.

Received this email from someone who just doesn't understand why some secrets actually protect people who help us:

I am writing about the alleged leak of so called "secret" files regarding our actions in Afghanistan.

First, we will never win this war. We are fighting a defensive war 10,000 miles away from home. And the blunt truth is the Afghan people clearly do not want is there.

Any previous attempts to "conquer" Afghanistan, have met with dismal failure. Don't take my word for it, check with a military historian.

Okay, your first point has nothing to do with the leaks other than tell us that you're biased about anything that might help us win the war.  Plus, I'm not a military historian, but you might want to rephrase "any previous attemps to conquer Afghanistan" and put a "recent" in front of "attempts". Ghengis Khan?  Heck, even the Pashtuns were invaders.

Second, my tax dollars paid for that information. It is not secret. I have every right to know how the military spends every cent of my money.

You don't have that right.  Do you have the right to all of the secret information that your police department is gathering on that crack house you frequent?  Nope.  What about your neighbor's health records under nationalized health care?  Do you get access to those?

Well, many of those leaked records contain the names of Afghans and others who have helped us and they are now targets.  That's not just me saying it.  The Taliban have announced it.

Secret? Who says so?

Everyone who believes that we should protect ourselves and our allies.

Third; put American lives in danger? I hardly think that a few pages of emails is going to be any more dangerous than the bullets and car bombs they are facing now.

Wrong, yet again!  Tens upon tens of thousands of pages of emails and intel reports put our methods, our units, our informers, our translators, and anyone else with a vested interest in eliminating the Taliban at risk.

And, what the hell do I care If a bunch of Islamic fanatics are put in danger? Our leaders must be on the opium they protect.

First, not all of them are Islamic or fanatics.  What the hell do you care?  Ask someone that was at ground zero about that...

If our military professionals have done something illegally covert, and got caught, that is not my problem.

These weren't secret missions.  The information was classified Secret.  It's not even Top Secret.  If someone carried out illegal missions, then they should be punished.  However, I'm pretty certain you don't know what would be "illegal".

They should have learned that what you put on the computer is permanent, and can be hacked by anyone. Oliver North taught us that.

Irrelevant after 1990.

Who reads this stuff anyway? Not to mention the embarrassing situation it puts our country in.

If the most powerful nation in the world can't defeat a country of camel bumkins in 10 years, it is time to come home.

Bloggers that promote this unwinable and expensive war, they are the traitors.

Not the whistle blower.

Thank you,

James M

I think James is indicative of the very uniformed left wing. 

And Bradley Manning is a traitor.  According to Article III of the Constitution:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Handing over the names, locations, etc of our allies, translators and friends should be considered giving aid and comfort to the enemy (let alone, handing them our procedures, methods and sops).

That is unless you don't count the Taliban and Al Qaeda amongst our enemies...