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Ambassador Crocker on Iraq Today

Today is "Travis Patriquin Day"

Today, we'll get one helluva great speech from President Obama after his phone call to President Bush.  President Obama will focus on the good work that the troops have done. 

Many deserve credit for today.  Among them are many who won't hear the President's speech.

Today should be Travis Patriquin Day.  If you don't know about Travis, go here to read why there is a town square named after him in one of the most (formerly) dangerous cities in Iraq.  There are a lot of debates about whether it was the Sunni awakening, the Marines tactics, General Petraeus' strategy, McMaster in Tal Afar, etc. for the turn around in Iraq. 

But you can't really debate what Patriquin did.  He was the ignition switch. 

And Travis Patriquin paid for it with his life.  As did Army specialist Vincent Pomante and Marine Major Megan McClung.

But, like thousands of others, today could be Doug Zembiec Day.  Hoby Bradfield Day.  Mike Stokely Day.    Casey Sheehan Day.  Ian Malone Day. Terry Barnich Day.  Bobby Warns Day.

Or Mat Schram Day.