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The Last Brigade and the Last President

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette asks a simple question, "When did the last combat brigade leave Iraq?"

The answer, while not simple, is surely interesting - although the answer NBC gives us is very simple and interesting not only in getting it wrong, but why they got it wrong.  It's a post that is worth your time to read.

Greyhawk also posts that NYTimes reports that "Mr. Obama has adopted Iraq as a relative success story, and aides said he and other administration officials would hold several events in August to honor returning soldiers and promote the drawdown."

It's the night of August 23rd.  Has the President celebrated the homecoming or honor of returning soldiers?  If he has or there has been a celebration, I've missed it.

Oh wait!  I just remembered.  The President has welcomed troops coming home this month.  Photographic evidence after the Jump.

August 11th at DFW Airport:


And video below:

And at the Run for the Fallen that we posted about today.