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Team Rubicon Headed To Pakistan

Team Rubicon is heading to Pakistan this week.

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun of Stanford reached out to TR to provide security for this mission. The emphasis on security is highlighted by the recent order by the Taliban to attack foreign aid workers. The team is composed of veterans - former Army SF, former Navy Seals, former Army Infantry, and former Marine.

Dr. Dolhun has a proprietary oral rehydration solution (ORS) called Drip Drop that is used to treat cholera, dehydration, and disease. TR is going to remote areas to, not only deliver the ORS solution, but train people how to make it with locally available resources. Indigenizing the solution is the end goal of this mission, so that those that TR trains are less of a burden on the already stretched thin government and NGOs. Dolhun is Mayo Clinic trained and educated, and he deployed with TR in Haiti. He is an expert at treating cholera so TR's mission matches up well with the conditions on the ground. TR is carrying enough solution to treat up to 8,000 refugees. Dolhun wants to identify a solid partner on the ground so more ORS can be shipped in after TR's departure.

I believe that Hugh Hewitt will have an exclusive with Team Rubicon who will be on his show live from Pakistan.

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Here's a video about Dolhoun's Drip Drop working in Haiti.