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August 2010

2nd Para Finds an Afghan Village in the U.K.

Deep in the English countryside, men and women flee for their lives as a suicide bomber detonates himself in the middle of a village bazaar. Expert snipers take aim at retreating terrorist insurgents, a mother pleads with medics to save her child's life, and sergeants bark orders over the din of mortar and gunfire. After clearing the area and tending to the wounded, the soldiers go back to their barracks and share a laugh and a smoke over the day's events...

In the special documentary series "Rule Brittania: Afghanistan in the U.K.", VBS visits the simulated Afghani village of Paghman, getting a behind the scenes look at the training exercises of Britain's elite military combat squadron, 2 Para. No detail has been overlooked in the creation of this brutal training facility, the last stop before deployment for many young troops in Her Majesty's Army. Hear the stories of the men and women who make up this eerily realistic battleground, from hired amputees and Afghan refugees to soldiers whose lives have been changed forever by the British involvement in "Afghan".

Watch Afghanistan in the U.K. http://www.vbs.tv/watch/rule-britannia/afghanistan-in-the-uk-full-length (warning does contain graphic imagery, foul language, and dark humor)

Huge week at Legion Convention (Updated)

Milwaukee Town Hall Just a quick 'tease' on what's coming up this week while I'm at the convention.  My second year covering it, and there are quite a few good interviews lined up.  I'm also guest- blogging over at BurnPit at times as well.

For example- Ben Stein will be the MC for the convention; I will be chatting with him later on what he feels veterans should be concentrating on.  He's a huge supporter, and hope to get him in a BlackFive t-shirt.  Or quoting UJ 'Don't be a DouChe'. 

First up this week will be Defense Sec'y Robert Gates; I hope to ask him questions on next steps in Iraq, and whether there are other 'hot spots' we may concentrate on now that Iraq has drawn down.

My big hope for the week is to get time with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who will be addressing the convention this year.  Yeah.  Me too.

From the Legion website:

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also headline the list of guest speakers addressing the Legionnaires during the three-day event. Actor and economist Ben Stein will serve as master of ceremonies the first day.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, is expected to deliver a major speech in Milwaukee Tuesday on Iraq and national security issues to delegates to the 92nd American Legion National Convention

Other guest speakers at the Legion's convention include Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley; Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis.; Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis.; Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett; Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif.; and Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Ind.

If you have questions you think I should ask, just put them in the comments.  I'll be sure to bring them up when I get in front of the VIP's.

Oh, and the Legion is getting ready to release a radio program next month- with two fantastic people running the program and working with guest speakers.  Going to be a great show!  I'll have more, and interviews, later...


The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom - Part II

I was trying to wrap my head around the idea of a group of people saying that they accomplished what they set out to do when they opposed any action other than cutting and running.  How can someone feel that they are entitled to something that they didn't earn?  Especially some kind of congratulatory speech...?

Who does that?!

Oh yeah...


Dead Tango report

Courtesy of Mr. Roggio at Long War Journal we have a good look at the carnage Grim mentioned previously over the past few days as the Haqqani network sends waves of its cannon fodder at our bases in Afghanistan.

The al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network lost more than 30 fighters and a commander during the Aug. 28 attack on two US forward operating bases in eastern Afghanistan.

The International Security Assistance Force said that US and Afghan troops "killed more than 30 Haqqani Network insurgents" during the early morning assault on Forward Operating Bases Salerno and Chapman. Thirteen of of those killed were wearing suicide vests, ISAF stated. A US intelligence official told The Long War Journal that 35 Haqqani Network fighters were killed during the clashes. ISAF had initially estimated that 21 Haqqani Network fighters and a senior facilitator named Mudasir were killed during and immediately after the assault.

As usual a good job by our troops. The ignorant, poorly-trained, goat-raping losers that make up the Taliban aren't really good for much more than target practice in a force on force situation. They are much better at cutting the noses of little girls or throwing acid on them. Keep stackin' 'em like cordwood fellas.

The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom?!

Because we're going to get an amazing speech from President Obama tomorrow at Fort Hood, let's take a look back, not too long ago, at what some politicians said about Iraq and the Surge:

"I think it is very difficult for the President to sustain a war of this magnitude without the support of the American people, and without the support of the Congress of the United States. That's why Congress will vote to oppose the President's escalation." - Nancy Pelosi

"In Iraq, his new plan is a plan for more door-to-door fighting, more civil war, more civilian casualties, more troop deaths, more wasted money, more destabilization in the region and more separation from the world community. The President wants to send more troops to Baghdad, where they will work to quell a civil war. Only a small portion - less than 20 percent - of the new effort will be spent in al Anbar, to fight al-Qaeda. Does anyone in this Administration have any sense left at all? They are sending more US troops into the middle of a civil war!

"Congress needs to take a stand against the President and take the necessary steps to bring our troops home. We need to begin talks with Iran and Syria -- and not blame them for our misguided war in Iraq. Diplomacy is the only way to avoid a widening war. If we follow the President's path of war, we will get . . . more war." - Dennis Kucinich

"This country needs a dramatic change of course in Iraq and it is the responsibility of this Congress to consummate that change" - Congressman John Murtha

"This escalation is the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Viet Nam." - Senator Chuck Hagel

"I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything..." - Harry Reid

"it is too early to provide a definitive assessment of the US 'surge' but it does not look likely to succeed." - The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, urging Prime Minister Brown to withdraw British troops

"I think the best way of honoring their service is bringing them home." - Senator Hillary Clinton to the VFW

"The Bush Surge will backfire" - General (RET) Wesley Clark

"This whole notion that the surge is working is fantasy." - Senator Joe Biden

And the kicker:

I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there. In fact, I think it will do the reverse.” - Senator Barrak Obama in response to the PSOTUS.

I wonder who will get the credit for fixing Iraq, per President Obama. I don't really expect him to mention President Bush, but he damn well better mention the troops.  And he shouldn't take the credit for a plan he opposed, Vice President Biden opposed, Speaker Pelosi opposed, Speaker Reid opposed, Secretary of State Clinton opposed...

Thank you, to General Odierno and our troops, for doing the impossible.

Thank you to ones that don't get to hear pretty speeches...

Update:  I wrote a Part II post here.

Update 2:  Just heard that the President is at Walter Reed this afternoon with press pool.

Update 3:  The New York Post has an interesting update:

...White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced Tuesday that Obama will call Bush Tuesday before he delivers the speech.

In the address, Obama will talk about the way forward in a country once ruled by a dictator and highlight milestones that many doubted would ever be reached in Tuesday’s address, according to White House officials...

Afghan Militants Repelled in Assault on NATO Bases

I was always expecting something like this in Iraq, and it was that which justified lugging around rifles and ammunition to the DFAC and even to the chapel.  It's great good fortune, as well as the result of the discipline and training of our fighting men, that none of our people were killed in this attack.

Of course, they were probably expecting it too.  Keep a weather eye, boys.


Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally was this Saturday and since my daughter was in town visiting we headed down to check out the festivities. It was a gorgeous day and the evil Summer weather here that tries to kill you has broken. I really wasn't that interested in listening to speeches about a concept I have a pretty solid understanding of, so we waited a while to join the crowd. I watched Sarah Palin on TV and as always I loved her and think she is the perfect example of the best parts of America. I wish she could be President, but I just don't see how it could happen (and yes I hope I'm wrong). We need a new position of National Hockey Mom w/ "Well that's a stupid idea" veto power. We were actually fairly close to the stage by the time Beck came on and I would say that he was quite good and the crowd was enjoying him, but he is not quite a rabble rousing speaker. He is better as the character he plays on TV. Don't believe any crowd estimate of under 250k, it was full from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and side to side which is pretty wide.


And of course we were sporting dueling Unapologetically American shirts from Ranger Up. A few more pics here.


Federal contractor charged with leaking secrets about N. Korea - USATODAY.com

Federal contractor charged with leaking secrets about N. Korea results in a directive. Directive telling agencies to stop leaking to the press was, interestingly enough, then leaked to the press. Hello, Director Clapper, Irony for you on line one...


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I Fought For You

Larwyn sent me this, and I decided to share it.  As a thought, take the time to talk to some of the younger generation, share with them a world they can't even begin to conceive, and show them what it took to get from there to here.  Those that know not history are indeed doomed...