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On the Krakauer book about Pat Tillman

I'm listening to the books on tape of Krakauer's telling of the Pat Tillman saga, and have a few observations:  

1) The actor reading the book is equal parts wistful and ponderous, a perfect match for the writing style, which is mind-numbingly self important.  I would have stopped listening were the material not so compelling.

2) Krakauer has a total hardon for Dubya and Dick Cheney, which makes about a third of the book useless.  

3) Pat Tillman was a good man.  Flawed, as we all are, but a good man.  And an interesting one.  The Uber Man, as Nietzsche defined him.

4) The Ranger Regiment was the wrong unit for Pat Tillman to serve in.  Ranger units are good at what they do, but can be dangerously inflexible in their methods.  As such they were unlikely to be able to make use of a man with Pat's talents.  Or at least they were in 2003.

5) Pat's chain of command, all the way up to McChrystal and Abizaid, exercised poor judgment.  It saddens me that in a time of war such marginal officers can be in command of such a talented and idealistic group of young soldiers.

6) Despite Krakauer's need to indict Dubya and Cheney for the coverup, he doesn't succeed. While there are plenty of good reasons to go after Dubya and Cheney, the stupidly conceived and badly managed coverup of Pat Tillman's friendly fire death is simply not one of them.  The officers of the Ranger Regiment screwed this one up all by themselves.  I hope they are as ashamed of themselves as I am of them.

-- Uber Pig