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This aint Hell collects another scalp

LTC Allen West takes one for the team

LTC West is running for Congress in Florida and we will all be better off the day he is sworn in. His men were also better off in Iraq when he sacrificed his career to make sure none of them died unnecessarily. Most of you are familiar with this great American, but here is a round up of our posts on his case. What happened? Short version, his unit had an Iraqi detainee that they were pretty sure knew about some imminent attacks but wasn't talking. LTC West told the guy he was through BSing and if he didn't talk he was gonna shoot him. Guy still didn't talk so LTC West fired past his head into a clearing barrel. Guy talked, two more bad guys arrested, attacks avoided, lives saved. The he marched himself over to his superior officer, told him what he had done and faced the consequences, which was a fine and a letter of reprimand. He then retired like anyone else.

Was it against the rules to do what he did? Yep. Was it wrong? Well I sure don't think so, and I would be proud to serve with a man like Allen West. Grim and I ran into him last week at the Capitol and it was a pleasure to meet him in person and shake his hand. What were Grim and I doing at the Capitol? Scheming global domination and world peace, as always. Anyhow here is a video from LTC West's campaign discussing the incident in Iraq since his opponent's surrogates have already started the slurs. Fortunately most Americans can see what honor really means, your men come first.