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Julian Assange, collateral rapist

Turns out that Julian Assange is now a collateral rapist, in addition to being a collateral murderer.  Apparently two separate women have come forward to Swedish Authorities charging Julian Assange of rape.  His response, predictably, has been to blame it on the Pentagon:

The arrest warrant filed Friday had also mentioned a molestation charge, but molestation -- which is not limited to child victims in Sweden -- is not a crime punishable behind bars in Sweden.  Karin Rosander, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office, told CNN affiliate TV4 that Assange is still being investigated for molestation. Earlier, Rosander told CNN that Assange was arrested in absentia Friday night, and faced charges in relation to two separate instances, but she did not have more detail about when the alleged crimes occurred or the identities of the alleged victims.
I recommend that everyone link to this blog entry, or perhaps to one of the above articles, and be sure to call Julian assange a collateral rapist.  I specifically recommend that you do so without doing any fact checking, and without giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Turn about, as they say, is fair play.

-- Uber Pig

PS:  Someone emailed me a minute ago saying that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than Mr. Assange.  To which I reply, I do hold myself to a higher standard.  And I hope that you all do, as well.  It ain't hard.  But this isn't about me or my friend or about you.  It's about protecting American and coalition soldiers -- in this case, an American Apache crew -- from self-important jerks like Julian Assange.  And when it comes to protecting these guys, or protecting my standards, well, the standards lose.

-- Update:  According to a Swedish newspaper, "

Aftonbladet also quoted a woman who it said made the accusation of molestation as saying: “The accusations against Assange are, of course, not orchestrated by the Pentagon or anybody else. Responsibility for what happened to myself and the other girl lies with a man who has a skewed attitude to women and a problem taking no for an answer.” The newspaper did not identify the woman."