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Wikileaks - "Secret? Who Says So?"

Free Bradley Manning

Yeah right. They didn't even have any Free Mumia let alone any Free Manning, what a rip off. There isn't really a good reason to rally for freeing Bradley and if you blindly support someone who is complicit in the deaths of innocent civilians, well in my book you are morally challenged to be polite. But hey we are talking about Code Pink and ANSWER, so morally challenged is in their charters. I had the honor and privilege of hanging with Concrete Bob and many other very cool people like Toothless Dawg and Taco Bell's Mom. There weren't many dirty, nasty, patchouli-smelling hippies and we have a couple dozen against their 75-100, so the odds were always on our side. I talked to a bunch of news people, shocking I know, and I'll post any I find. It was a beautiful day to spend with some great patriots as we checked a bunch of truly deluded wankers.


Jonn Lilyea who has a long and storied history w/ many of these wanking devices notes that CNN has posted their video w/ his and Concrete Bob's favorite hag, Susie "Medea" Benjamin and me having differing views of Manning's treachery. Joe put the full interview w/ CNN which he filmed up on YouTube and I added that after the jump as well. Credit where due, you can see that CNN gave me a very fair edit.

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