Today's Mission: Support Candidate 2
"Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.”

Flowers of the Forest

The ability to be a hero resides in each individual, but only a few have the opportunity and/or the gumption to bring it forth.  For some, it comes forth in ways that defy expectations.  Rather than rushing into a burning building to save lives, or choosing to die so that others may live in typical Hollywood fashion, it sometimes comes forth in the simple things.  Simple things like playing music.

Of course, Bill Millen did it on the beach at Normandy, while under constant enemy fire.  Against regulation, Lord Lovat asked him to play, and when then Private Millen cited the regulation, Lord Lovat replied “Ah, but that’s the English War Office. You and I are both Scottish, and that doesn’t apply.”  God Bless the Scots!  

His bravery that day, which served to rally troops and send them forward, was immortalized in the film "The Longest Day" a film well worth watching if you haven't seen it (it also includes a young Sean Connery as an Irishman). 

Godspeed Bill Millen.  May you have been an hour in Heaven before the Devil knew you were dead; and, may the other "Ladies From Hell" have been there to greet you and welcome you home.  Flowers of the Forest is played for you, and deoch an dorais drunk.