On the Krakauer book about Pat Tillman
Today is "Travis Patriquin Day"

Emergency gun-grabbing

The momentum in the gun rights v. gun control battle is all on the side of the second amendment, but the anniversary of Katrina brought back some bad memories of police confiscating weapons. I was on Alyona's show today discussing this. And I would just like to say how professional and talented an interviewer Alyona is. It is obvious she spends hours prepping, and I have tremendous respect for her and the production staff. I usually have to spend a few minutes in the green room before each segment just psyching myself up to go out there. RT TV was nominated for the first ever Emmy for a Russian TV channel and I think it is a travesty that they didn't win.

OK there is no chance she will read this second paragraph right? Did I mention that one of her friends pointed out my posts here at BLACKFIVE to her. So she read this from the last time I was on the show.

Anyhow, here I am with the gun-hating, but wicked hot Alyona. Wait for the end when I ask her to go shooting with me, I think she digs me.

She mentioned it after the segment, so I figgered I'd mess w/ her a bit. It's not my fault she's hot, and you can't blame her for digging me. Anyhow it is a fun show to do and she really is a good interviewer. Now let's talk gun grabbing.