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Obama has learned nothing about being Commander in Chief

Drunkblogging the Obama Speech So I don't have to...

Stephen Green, the Vodka Pundit, drunk blogs the address by President Obama.  I'm at Parent-Teacher conference or waterboarding (depending on what currency you use) so see what Stephen says about the speech:

Here's a taste:

5:07PM Surge? Anyone? Anyone?

5:07PM “Long term approach to Iraq?” It’s the same policy from 2008, thanks to The Surge of 2007. Any thanks? Any mention?

5:08PM “What America can do, will do, is provide support… ” “Ending this war…” Win? Surge? Anyone?

5:08PM Tight budgets at home? And he’s only just now crediting the troops? Pardon while I refill. Twice.

5:09PM “Time to turn the page.” And, this is an exact quote: “Contentious. Pause. Issue. Pause. At home. Pause.” Glitchy prompter?

5:09PM Bush got a mention, the troops got two mentions — but I haven’t hear thanks to either one.