The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom?!
The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom - Part II

Dead Tango report

Courtesy of Mr. Roggio at Long War Journal we have a good look at the carnage Grim mentioned previously over the past few days as the Haqqani network sends waves of its cannon fodder at our bases in Afghanistan.

The al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network lost more than 30 fighters and a commander during the Aug. 28 attack on two US forward operating bases in eastern Afghanistan.

The International Security Assistance Force said that US and Afghan troops "killed more than 30 Haqqani Network insurgents" during the early morning assault on Forward Operating Bases Salerno and Chapman. Thirteen of of those killed were wearing suicide vests, ISAF stated. A US intelligence official told The Long War Journal that 35 Haqqani Network fighters were killed during the clashes. ISAF had initially estimated that 21 Haqqani Network fighters and a senior facilitator named Mudasir were killed during and immediately after the assault.

As usual a good job by our troops. The ignorant, poorly-trained, goat-raping losers that make up the Taliban aren't really good for much more than target practice in a force on force situation. They are much better at cutting the noses of little girls or throwing acid on them. Keep stackin' 'em like cordwood fellas.