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Ace Taking The Heat

Over in this post, Ace is taking some heat in regards Manning and Assange.  Leaving aside the incendiary rhetoric (which draws a lot of heat as that's not his normal style), hyperbole, etc., it appears to me that what Ace is saying in regards what should happen to him (drawing heat as well) is that they should die. 

If I am reading it correctly (slightly hard to do given the rhetoric), and he is saying that Manning should be tried for Espionage and Treason in Time of War, and executed if found guilty, then I agree (as indicated in previous posts).  I think he should be tried on those charges and if found guilty executed.  My preference is that such be done by hanging, but death is the appropriate penalty IMO if guilty.  I also have no problem with Assange taking a dirt nap either.  Both have by their actions (Assange beyond all reasonable doubt) caused not only harm to the war effort, but are now directly responsible for several murders of those working to help the Afghan government and/or our troops.  Based on civilian law alone, they participated in a felony which resulted in death, which makes them equally as guilty as those who actually did the murders. 

Let me state right now that this position in no way reflects the official position of this blog, it's founder, or the other writers.  It also does not reflect the position of any past, present, or future employer; any past, present, or future mother-in-law; any company or other business entity; any charity or other non-profit institution; the strange guy down at the coffee shop; Jenny the dog or any of the wolves I know; or anyone else.  The position is mine and mine alone. 

Leaving aside the inflammatory parts of Ace's post and such, what do you think?