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When the media attacks a veteran's wounds...

Nick Popaditch - a medically retired Gunnery Sergeant, wounded in Fallujah, received the Silver Star - is running for Congress in California


We have stated/posted our support of Nick throughout his recovery, his retirement and now in this new fight.

Popaditch and son

When you jump into the political ring, you know (and Nick and April Popaditch know) that politics can get dirty.  You expect attacks on your politics, your conduct of your life, etc. 

But you don't expect the media to attack you war wounds with an editorial don't really expect a blatant disrespect for your this cartoon that appeared in Saturday's (July 10th) edition of the Imperial Valley Press:


We realize that Nick is running for a political office and political cartoons are the norm. But the editors should attack him on his political views, not on injuries he sustained while fighting for other people's freedom and liberties. Satirizing Nick's wounds sustained by fighting his way through Fallujah is is not just an insult to Nick and his Marines, but a disgrace as it is an affront to every Purple Heart recipient.

The Imperial Valley Press should issue an apology and a retraction. You can assist by contacting the Editor, Brad Jennings, at 760-337-3425 or [email protected] and politely and professionally express that this kind of attack is unprofessional, juvenile, and beyond contempt. 

You can check out all of our posts about Gunny Popaditch and his wonderful wife April here.

You can support Nick's run for Congress here.