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Team Rubicon - Mission to the Thai-Burma Border

As many of you know, I'm an advisor to Team Rubicon.

Here's an interview with Co-Founder and President of TR, Jake Wood, which aired on VH1.

Team Rubicon is conducting a training mission that will help the people of Burma.  Here are the details:

Mission: In August Team Rubicon is sending a group of six highly trained medical personnel to a location near the Burmese border. There they will train approximately 30 Burmese refugees who will in turn return to their refugee camps and provide medical aid to the people being systematically killed and displaced by the Burmese Junta.

Who: Team Rubicon bridges the critical time gap between large disasters and conventional aid response. We provide vanguard medical care by fielding small, self-­‐ sustaining, mobile teams of specially skilled first-­‐responders. In the spirit of preparedness, Team Rubicon deploys medical teams on proactive missions to service regions in need of ongoing medical relief.

Why: The Burmese people are some of the most oppressed on the planet. Burma is ruled by a military Junta, widely known to use violence, rape, kidnapping, economic pressure and other means to institute its policy:

  • The Military Junta has been systematically waging a genocidal war against three ethnic groups within its borders.
  • The Junta relies heavily on laying landmines throughout its country, and has been accused of using refugee prisoners as "human minesweepers" on multiple occasions. 
  • Members of the United Nations and major international human rights organizations have issued repeated and consistent reports of widespread and systematic human rights violations in Burma. The United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly called on the Burmese Military Junta to respect human rights. In November 2009 the General Assembly adopted a resolution "strongly condemning the ongoing systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms" 
  • Burma spends the lowest percentage of its GDP on healthcare of any country in the world international human rights and humanitarian law."

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Team Rubicon estimates that $15,000 will be needed to conduct this mission. Please make your tax-­‐deductible contribution today! All donors who donate amounts over $500 will receive a free Team Rubicon T-­‐Shirt!