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Simmons returns to Connecticut race

Never mind. TSO explained it is still just a primary and i am an idiot.

Remember when Connecticut Atty. General Dick Blumenthal was having flashbacks to tours in Vietnam that he never served? Blumenthal was just rated the second worst AG in America by CEI. At the time he had several Republican challengers including Wrestling mogul Linda McMahon and a former vet named Rob Simmons. Many thought that Simmons made an attractive candidate as he was an actual combat vet, but the party endorsed McMahon and Simmons dropped out of the race. Now since he has some money left in the campaign war chest he has begun running campaign ads again. He hasn't got a prayer of defeating Blumenthal, and the only likely result is to siphon votes away from Mcmahon and make it more likely Connecticut will send Obama another ally to the senate. So why is he doing it?

I have no clue and it sure smells like vanity. If he really believed he was that vital to the race, then he should have stayed in and fought through the whole campaign season. Now he will simply split the Republican vote and send another big-spending, nanny state Democrat to the Senate. WTF sir?