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Questions for Julian Assange on hearing him claim to have offered Obama administration an opportunity to redact

So it turns out, according to Andrew Napolitano, that Julian Assange claims to have offered early access to the trove of documents leaked to him earlier and which he published just a few days ago.  We are supposed to assume that because of this, any guilt he or his organization bear for putting the lives of troops and innocent Afghan sources at risk goes away.  Questions:

1) Do you have an email showing that the offer was made, or something similar?  Or did you just call up the white house and get frustrated by the long hold?  

2) Who did you make your offer to?

3) Did you also make this offer to anyone at the Pentagon?  If the answer is no, then why not?

4) Do you think that their decision not to play your game resolves you of any guilt for not removing those names yourself?  If so, please explain.

-- Pig, out

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