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Free Military Track Membership Offered To Military

NOTE:  A little birdie has told me that the illustrious Greyhawk has agreed to be the host/MC for the military track at Blog World... 

A free pass to the military track at this year's Blog World and New Media Expo ( is being offered to all members of the Armed Forces.  The free pass not only provides access to the military track panels on Thursday 14 October, but to the exhibit hall and evening events for the entire conference.

"The military secures our freedoms, including our ability to blog about any and all topics," says Blog World CEO Rick Calvert.  "Social Media has changed the way we all communicate in our personal and business lives and the military is no exception. Blogs and social networking tools have been a godsend to Military personal deployed half a world away from their loved ones; allowing them to communicate with their families easier than ever before. Many of them (and their spouses) also generously share their experiences on their personal blogs, giving civilians a much deeper understanding of the level of sacrifice our men and women in the armed forces make for our freedoms. It is truly our honor and pleasure to provide them this free pass."

While details are not yet available, Calvert notes that efforts are underway for a very special series of panels.  Because of these panels, and limitations on seating, a pre-registration process is being started and is being coordinated by Cooking with the Troops.

"New and social media have been our foundation as we get started," notes Cooking with the Troops CEO C. Blake Powers.  "Helping coordinate the pre-registration for the free membership being offered allows us to support the troops and their families in a different way, and it's an honor to do so."

The free membership offer is available to all those currently serving in the Armed Forces, all veterans, and their families.  To pre-register, send an e-mail to [email protected] that provides your name, service information (branch, dates; or, branch and dates of spouse, child, or other immediate relative), and the names and relation of any other persons (spouse, child, parent) you wish to register as well.  Closer to the conference, you will be sent instructions on how to register online and receive the free membership.
Those desiring to attend other panels and events can pay an upgrade fee during the final registration process to do so.  There is no charge to pre-register.