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Turkish Ambassador asks for apology from Israel

Don't hold your breath buddy.

On May 31, we awoke to tragic news from international waters in the eastern Mediterranean. As we now know well, instead of the day ending with the delivery of humanitarian aid to ease the desperate lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, it began with the killing by Israel Defense Forces of nine peace activists and the wounding of about 30, all civilians.

The Free Gaza flotilla was not an initiative by the Turkish government. It was an international aid convoy made up of nationals of 32 countries taking food, toys, medical equipment and similar aid to the people of Gaza, who have been deprived of these basic commodities for years.

The flotilla may not have been the Turkish government's idea, but they certainly have shown nothing but contempt for Israel since Erdogan took power. They have now forged much closer relations w/ Iran and have taken a decidedly Islamist turn internally. All in all the trend in the Middle East is not positive and I think we could easily see a regional war of some kind. Israel will take action over Iranian nukes and it looks now like that could cause multiple reactions from Iranian proxies and what if Turkey decides to get involved? Does the NATO treaty require us to help them?

Oh and the BS about the Gazans being deprived of basic commodities, puhleaaze. And how come the Egyptian blockade of its border with Gaza never gets mentioned?