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The U.N. Gets Firm

Iran must be truly afraid:

U.N. Security Council Passes New Sanctions Against Iran

UNITED NATIONS — The United States, moving firmly away from the Obama administration’s previous emphasis on wooing Iran, pushed through a new round of United Nations sanctions against the nation on Wednesday, taking aim at its military in yet another attempt to pressure Tehran over its nuclear program.

The new sanctions, a modest increase from previous rounds, took months to negotiate but still did not carry the symbolic weight of a unanimous Security Council decision. Twelve of the 15 nations voted for the measure, while Turkey and Brazil voted against and Lebanon abstained.

Money quote:

...But so far, three previous rounds of sanctions have failed to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, leading some skeptics to question whether the latest measures would be able to apply real pressure on Tehran...

Of course, we all know what happened to Hans Brix in Team America. Video, NSFW, after the jump: