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The Rest Of The Story

Growing up, I used to listen to Paul Harvey on the radio, and loved his "The Rest of the Story" segments. 
Consider this an "Homage" to him a bit.

Soldiers' Angels is an amazing organization, that has done and is doing one heck of a lot of good.  It does many things, and none better -- IMO -- than care of our wounded.  I am frankly in awe of those who do so much with and for our wounded.  To be able to spend even a small amount of time with them as they do their work is humbling.  There are several I could name, but for this story, I will focus on MaryAnn.  She may well hurt me later for this (beat me, whip me! *G*), as she goes to considerable lengths on occasion to downplay her own role in things.  Another who can expect the lash from her is Old Blue, who wrote an amazing post about some time he spent with her.  For myself, I've seen her there with and for the guys, and even some ladies, who were mangled in the cauldron of war.  A chain smoking earthy angel, but Angel none-the-less.

For all that she does, there are things she -- and Soldiers' Angels -- do not do.  A while back, there was a story about some amazing technology that is helping to save lives.  Go over to see Greyhawk do a good impersonation of Paul Harvey and get the rest of the story at the Mudville Gazette