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Some Good News To Share

There is a press release going out today that I wanted to share here as well. 

Cooking with the Troops is pleased to announce that Congressman Jim Marshall (D, 8th District GA) has joined it's National Advisory Board.  Congressman Marshall is well known for his support of veterans and active duty troops, and for his own service.  In 1968 he left Princeton to enlist in the Army, where he volunteered for infantry combat in Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.

"We are extremely pleased to have Congressman Marshall join our National Advisory Board," says C. Blake Powers, Chairman and CEO of Cooking with the Troops.  "He brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to those who serve that will be a huge help to us as we grow." 

Representative Marshall joins LaNelle Geddes, Ph.D. (biophysics), former Head of the School of Nursing at Purdue, and Rick Calvert, CEO and Co-Founder of Blog World and New Media Expo as members of the Board.  The National Advisory Board serves as a resource for the Board of Directors and Officers of Cooking with the Troops, providing a depth and breadth of experience that would otherwise be unavailable. 

Cooking with the Troops is also pleased to announce that the IRS has granted our application to be a 501(c)(3) public charity.  This means that all donations to the organization, retroactive to our incorporation on 16 April 2010 are now tax deductible.  Cooking with the Troops wishes to thank the IRS for its prompt and courteous assistance with our application, and to thank those who began donating even before this status was given. 

Finally, Cooking with the Troops is also pleased to announce that Susan Katz Keating has agreed to serve as Director of Communications.  In this role, she will be helping guide media activities and serve as a media point of contact for the organization.  A longtime national security journalist and author, the former Washington Times reporter blogs at http://www.susankatzkeating.com, An Army veteran, she is affiliated with numerous organizations, including the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and is a founding trustee for the Wartime Museum. She can be reached at skeatingATcwtt.org.  

On a personal note, I will confess to being more than a bit pleased to have a member of the Ranger Hall of Fame on our National Advisory Board, and to having Susan Katz Keating's help as we move forward.  There is more news to come, and we will be sharing it over the next few weeks -- including some ways to help us raise funds with the click of a mouse.  Meantime, check us out on Facebook, our site, and on Twitter.  Remember, with your help, there is very little we can't do for our troops.