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RE: The Fate of the Montagnards

Over at the Burn Pit, Mothax made a visit to the Montagnard compound in Asheboro, NC. 

...Starting in 1986, U.S. Special Forces soldiers who served alongside the Montagnards started a modest effort to free some of the Yards from the certain religious and cultural oppression they faced. In that first year they managed to get about 250 Montagnards relocated to the states, settling them in central North Carolina with some spill over into South Carolina. In 1993, 450 more joined their brothers and sisters. And since then, in groups large and small, the relocation has continued, with their numbers in North Carolina now numbering roughly 8,000...

A lot more about the Montagnards (and how you can help these people) and tons of photos over at the Burn Pit.