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Michael Yon- Proudly violating OPSEC

There are few things more dangerous than publicizing our security procedures, but publicizing any lapses in them sure qualifies. That is exactly what Mike Yon is doing and congratulating himself for. He published an email from a troop in Afghanistan complaining about some supposed lapses in security at his base. The email contains numerous violations of Operational Security (OPSEC) and anyone with an ounce of common sense would have emailed the kid back and told him to take it up w/ his chain of command or if they ignore him then the Inspector General. But not Mike, oh no the great speaker of truth to power publishes it and there are plenty of details about which guard towers are unmanned and response times for air support and which base it is to constitute a huge violation. But you see Mike is above petty concerns like that he simply announces our weaknesses to the world.

Michael Yon
Mark -- won't be any OPSEC issues. Within a minute of my posting that will fly all over the place and they will start to address any problems.

Michael Yon
One problem is that McChrystal's crew ended my embed, and so I am posting raw information. Unwise for McChrystal to create such situations.

And there you have it, Mike is mad that he got himself booted from yet another embed and so he is pissing in the wind and blaming McChrystal. Nice. It shouldn't be your call whether to put that info out Mike. That was an epic screw up regardless of what happens later. Here is the fun part. Mike posts another email, supposedly from the same guy the next day and magically all the problems are fixed.

Michael Yon Afghanistan email --

Follow-up from last night:

"Well Michael I know we probably messed with the bee's nest
... and crossed the line on OPSEC but guess what. Great news
this FOB its running like a real one now security improved
100% since you published the issue.

YON is a hero and the kid admits they are blowing off OPSEC. Sounds like BS to me. More likely a fan boy was giving him a tongue bath, or he is self-fellating.

The bottom line is Mike's self-inflicted beef with the leadership in Afghanistan has led him to place himself above the rules and out of control. He could possibly have done the right thing and alerted the folks in country about the problem, but after you call people monkeys, liars and incompetent you kinda close off that avenue. Sad thing is those folks are professional and would have looked into this to see what the truth was, but instead Mike puts sensitive info on freakin' Facebook. Congratulations, you have shown you care more about yourself than the troops or the mission.

What's next?