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Iran confirms Mullah Omar held by Pakistan

Well the horse is out of the barn now. Iran's Press TV, their official news organ, confirms that the Pakistanis are holding Mullah Omar.They obviously have an agenda, but this is interesting.

A former senior member of the militant group says Pakistani security forces are harboring the fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Omar in Karachi.

Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi told an Afghan news website that Mullah Omar is now in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Hanafi was the governor of central Urozgan Province under the Taliban regime.

The developments come as US and its allies intend to remove Mullah Omar from the black list in a bid to provide a suitable seedbed for holding contacts.

This story was broken by Brad Thor at Big Government and he has updates, it was shortly later confirmed by us and several other sites as Brad notes.

One month ago we broke the exclusive story of Mullah Omar’s capture.

Additional confirmations have come from The Jawa Report, Oliver North, Milblogger Baba Tim, Blackfive.net, and even The Nation.

MullahOmar Brad thinks that Omar may soon become the victim of a drone strike so the Pakistanis are off the hook for holding him and not sharing that with us. That is certainly plausible and would save them trouble, but it may be too late for that.

I have believed that once President Karzai began peace talks earlier this year that Pakistan wanted to make sure that they had as much leverage over them as possible. They scarfed up Mullah Baradar 4 or 5 months ago and there were reports it was due to his failure to tow the Pakistani Intelligence Service ISI's party line and that he was involved in talks w/ Karzai's brother about possible peace talks. When we heard that Omar was in custody it sounded to me like more of the same from the ISI. They could have picked up Omar pretty much any time they wanted if they were willing to take the heat of increased attacks inside Pakistan. Once the idea that a peace might be made they had to ensure that their positions and desires were taken care of. Bringing Omar in for a chat about what they would and would not like makes perfect sense in that situation. plus it puts them in the driver's seat by weakening Karzai and the US.

If Omar as head of the Quetta Shura and the Afghan Taliban and Baradar, his number 2, are not involved then it is near impossible to make any real kind of peace deal. That also explains why official US sources have not wanted to admit the Pakistanis were holding him. Now an interesting question is why are the Iranians dropping this info now, and again it looks to be an effort to weaken our ability to negotiate. Now the Pakistanis are in the hot seat and they need to answer for why they have been holding him without officially telling us, and our government needs to answer for what the consequences of that are. Or like Brad said, Omar might just get returned to his component molecules.