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"Hot" Conservatives

I See How It Is

So, apparently Newsweek is in a tizzy about some contest by Right Wing News called "The 20 Hottest Conservative Women."  They said something about how it was a double standard, even though RWN did the same thing for right wing men (somehow missing Gold-Pants-Jimbo as a candidate); and even though it's perfectly reasonable to have a double standard when you're dealing with two very different kinds of people.

Nevertheless, we're going to have to have some words about this little event, because what do I see at the top?

We had a new distinguished panel of judges. Besides myself, they included,

1) Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit.

2) Jonah Goldberg from National Review.

3) Andrew Malcolm from the LA Times' Top of the Ticket.

4) Dan Gainor from Newsbusters (Among other places).

5) Van Helsing from Moonbattery.

6) Alfonzo Rachel from PJTV.

7) James Joyner from Outside The Beltway.


8) Blackfive.

Not a WORD did he let slip about this opportunity to his compatriots.  Just as well, I suppose.  You'll always have Paris, Matty.