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Daily Brief 30 Jun 2010

Image of the Day: Corsair's close air support during Korean War

Korea: UN denies N.Korean charges of bringing heavy weapons into DMZ

Japan PM urges China to slam S.Korean ship sinking

U.S./S.Korea delay joint drills for third time while China commences with live fire drills

U.S.: Muslim leader says that Islam is not a religion of peace (video)

Russia says U.S. spy claims are ‘baseless’

What the media is missing in the spy case (video)

State Department downplays…

McChrystal to retire from Army

Levin: Senate likely to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Obama unveils space treaty that includes arms-control treaty that would possibly limit space weapons

U.S. intercepts ballistic missile in test off Hawaii

AfPak: Winning in Afghanistan will also require pressure on Pakistan (commentary)

Petraeus to look at Afghan ROE, but unlikely to modify

Petraeus discusses pros, cons of July 2011 withdrawal date

Military restricts use of Humvees as fatal IED attacks increase

Middle East: Israeli spy in California faces deportation to West Bank – says Hamas will kill him for spying, converting to Christianity… Former CIA Director says deportation will deter potential spies

Hamas exposed (commentary)

Originally published at the Victory Institute