Time to reevaluate counterinsurgency
Ideologues and COIN

Daily Brief 28 Jun 2010

Image of the day: 60 years ago - Korean Firefight

Afghanistan: Karzai reportedly meets with al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network to negotiate - Pakistan's army and intel chiefs also present

9 years in, U.S. finally tries to get a grip on warzone contractors

U.S. officials say Karai aides are derailing corruption cases

Obama faces calls to shake up Afghan diplomatic team

New Australian PM remains committed to Afghan mission - Australia deploys 1,550 troops in southern Afghanistan, including elite commandos, military training specialists and reconstruction units

Iran: Russia-Iran relations worsening - Russia votes for sanctions, freezes deal to send anti-aircraft missiles

CIA chief says it's unlikely Iran sanctions will prevent Iranian nuclear weapons - says Iran has enough uranium for two nukes (video)

Iran cancels plan to send ship to Gaza

Korea: U.S., N.Korea trade barbs on war anniversary

Wartime command transfer of allied forces from U.S. to S.Korea deferred until 2015

Legacy of unresolved Korean War plagues U.S. policy

U.S.: Congresswoman raises red flags on Hezbollah-cartel nexus on U.S. border

Judge releases Guantanamo detainee to Yemen despite ban

Anwar al-Awlaki declares war on U.S., is not on CIA's assassination list

Originally published at the Victory Institute