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After the mission, and before inspecting the aircraft for bullet holes...

Daily Brief 15 Jun 2010

U.S.: Marine Sgt. accused of killing unarmed Iraqis set free months after appeals court ruling that he had an unfair trial

Bin Laden issues new warning to U.S. in audio message

Homeland Security begins UAV surveillance patrols in Texas

F-35B becomes first STOVL to fly supersonic

Amos expected to be named next Marine Corps Commandant

White House Muslim advisor supports Islamist Gülen movement

Medal of Honor still rarely awarded despite criticism

AfPak: Pakistan funding, training Taliban in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s ISI intel service involved in 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack

Gen. Petraeus’ pregnant pause on Afghan timeline

Petraeus falls ill during tense Afghanistan hearing on the Hill

Russians pressuring Kyrgyzstan to close U.S. base

Iraq: State Dept. wants mini army in Iraq as troops leave

Korea: N.Korea says it will react militarily to any UN condemnation

S.Korean president calls for higher readiness, stern response to Cheonan sinking

Image: F-18 Super Hornet over Kajaki Dam

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Originally published at the Victory Institute