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British Sniper Rifle

OK another odd request, but all will become clear later in the month. A while back a British Sniper made the current longest kill at about 1.5 miles. He did so with this gun:

The L115A3 rifle was first deployed to Afghanistan in May 2008.The MOD claims a muzzle velocity of 936 m/s (3,071 ft/s) for the L115A3. The typical ammunition is a .338 Lapua Magnum load using 16.2 g (250 gr) Lapua LockBase B408 bullets

It would be quite helpful if I could lay my hands on one of these bad boys for a fun reason in LA the middle of next month. Also, can anyone say definitively how much water depth it takes to stop a .50 cal round? I think Mythbusters did a show on this, but other sourcing would be helpful.