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Apologizing to Yon

I truly am trying to avoid the topic, but I got an unexpected question from Gordon Liddy during a discussion of the WikiLeaks wankers. The G-man asked me about Yon's connection to this and I said I knew of none. Then he asked further about Yon and I mentioned Mike's recent breach of OPSEC in publishing security info about one of our bases in Afghanistan. I also mentioned that Mike had a history of trouble with the rules on embeds and mentioned that he was booted from a British embed for OPSEC. Apparently I was wrong. So I apologize to Mike for mis-characterizing the situation.

I would hate to unfairly tarnish his reputation, when there are so many reasons to tarnish it fairly. BLACKFIVE on the other hand has an excellent reputation and on the rare occasions when we are mistaken we issue a correction as I just did. You should try it some time.What was the actual reason Mike, I saw the email you posted and i'll even give you the benefit of the doubt that it is real, although you have shown you don't deserve it. So what was the real reason Mike? You seem to always have a handy conspiracy theory.

If the British MoD is demanding that I be complicit in their lies to gain access to their soldiers, I decline.  I strongly believe that the embed was cancelled due to my criticism of the helicopter shortage.  Yet helicopters are just the most obvious issue that needs to be raised and addressed.

I mean seriously dude, I can't keep up w/ your BS and neither can you. After you got bounced from Afghanistan this last time you threw another tantrum claiming the monkeys of Public Affairs were again out to get you, How come that keeps happening? Could it be that you are a primadonna who thinks he knows more than the folks in charge and that every thing would be great if they would shut up and just listen to the wise one. It kinda seems that way when someone with as little actual military experience as it is possible to have wants to criticize Gen. McChrystal and say he is "over his head" and "needs to be watched". What a joke Mike, You have taken a few nice pictures and a lot of crappy ones, and I'll give you credit you have hung around the wars for quite a while, but that doesn't qualify you to pronounce with any authority any more than it qualified Dan Rather to run the Vietnam War because he wandered around in the jungle. And this statement from you is insulting to your betters in the military and yet comically representative of your delusions. 

It is important to note that I have more experience in the wars than probably 90% of the soldiers on active duty. The other 10% are extreme veterans whose words I take with deadly seriousness. If they talk, I listen. None of them has formally or informally accused me of OPSEC violations.

And there you have it folks. YON is the one who knows, all you combat vets who don't meet his standards should just STFU. What arrogant, megalomaniacal BS. You had your chance to make an impact when you wore the uniform, and all you left was a stain. You have experience watching the wars, not fighting them and you ought to keep that in mind. Why don't you get back to your foot massages Mike.