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Someone Broke The Rules - THAT Broke McChrystal

Afghanistan Policy Review

It has become increasingly clear to me that we have a failure of leadership in Afghanistan.  Obama has failed by not articulating to us, and to the military, what his desired end state should look like.  A democratic state with equal rights for women?  One that tolerates gay marriage?  Or would he accept perhaps a less liberal state headed by a Pashtun strong man who can prevent the export of Islamic terrorism?  I'm comfortable with either one.  Just define it for us, Mr. Obama.

Holbrooke apparently is considered a lightweight, and can't get meetings.

Eikenberry has a habit of leaking memos that hurt our efforts.

And McChrystal can neither stand Eikenberry, nor keep his mouth shut around Rolling Stone reporters.

Whether you like it or not, the only one of these men who can't legally be replaced is President Obama.  And since that is the case, he needs to clean house.  I'd suggest that he take a hard look at putting General Mattis in charge.  But whoever he puts in charge, that person should get to pick his own team to replace Holbrooke and Eikenberry.

-- Uber Pig

P.S:  I know that some of you will view this as a validation of Mike Yon's opinion on McChrystal.  I would caution you that just because a child throws a tantrum and says that he wants to get Daddy fired in April because Daddy won't buy him a lollipop, doesn't mean that when Daddy is then fired for an unrelated reason in June that the child was right.