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The U.N. Gets Firm

Action in Pakistan

There has been a lot of fighting and infighting in Pakistan lately. The Taliban is making some major moves to push back against a military offensive in the northwest provinces.

ISLAMABAD | Pakistani forces are preparing to launch a long-awaited military offensive in remote North Waziristan against al Qaeda and Taliban militants, but several key changes in the region could affect the nature and outcome of the operation.....

But delays in launching the offensive have triggered important developments in North Waziristan, notably efforts by the main local Pakistani Taliban commander, Hafiz Gul Bahadur, to blunt the offensive by calling for nonviolence and avoiding any challenges to security forces. Militants linked to Mr. Bahadur are viewed as pro-government.

Pakistani authorities signed a peace agreement with Mr. Bahadur in September 2006 in which both sides pledged not to attack, but militants were left free to maintain local control.

In other areas the Taliban are taking the action to the Pakistani government.

The Taliban overran a Frontier Corps outpost during an assault today in the Arakzai tribal agency. The attack took place just seven days after the top Pakistani military commander declared an end to military operations in Arakzai.

A heavily armed Taliban force overran the Frontier Corps checkpoint in the village of Karonchi, killing six Frontier Corps troops and wounding eight more, according to AFP. The Pakistani military conducted a counterattack and claims to have killed 30 Taliban fighters during artillery barrages.

And in a glaring example of how badly the Obama team's initial plan to bully our allies in the region has failed completely Special Envoy Holbrooke can't get a meeting w/ anybody.

United States Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has long been sidelined by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and now it appears the Pakistanis no longer wish to deal with him as well. A June 9 visit to Islamabad by Holbrooke has been canceled "after he was informed that no important officials would be in Islamabad on the day because of prior commitments," according to a report in Dawn.

And it seems India and central Asian countries want nothing to do with Holbrooke either:

Earlier Mr Holbrooke had to cancel visit to India and Turkmenistan because of similar problems.

In diplomatic terms that is called a bitch slap. It's time to replace Holbrooke and Amb. Eikenberry w/ people who have at least a tiny bit of respect in the region.