Why McChrystal was fired
So what's going to change in Afghanistan?

60th anniversary of the Korean War

Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. A war that still continues, as we see in N.Korea's sinking of the Cheonan. From this post:

“The thing that bothered me worse than anything that winter was the cold. I’d always gone through life bitching about it being too hot or too cold; during the pullback from the Yalu, I decided I would never complain about the heat again if I could only just get warm. And the thing you had to realize, with life expectancy being what it was on the battlefield, was that chances were you weren’t going to live until spring anyway. You had to realize that you might never get warm again.”

- Col. Allan D. Bell, Jr. USA, Ret.
G/27th Artillery Forward Observer
Korea, 1950-51

We owe these men more than we can ever repay. More on the "Forgotten War" to follow.