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Chicago cop & Iraq war vet killed....in Chicago

Suburban Racist Redneck


IMG_0680 It is fairly well established by now that I have an extensive collection of t-shirts designed to aggravate the left. I have always loved to appropriate their phrase "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable". They tend to deliver this sentiment sneering down their noses from their self-appointed posts on undeserved moral high ground. They improperly assume that a properly liberal and progressive mindset makes the world a better place. Well actually as we are seeing now what it does is make the world a better place for tyrants and impoverishes the rest when they run out of money to extract from the productive class. I feel quite comfortable knowing that this evil, racist wingnut has done more humanitarian work than any dozen liberals taken at random from a trendy coffee shop. The policies and actions they love to denounce have freed more people from oppression than all the bowing and scraping to dictators ever done now or previously. 

So I always enjoy strolling through my lovely little liberal fantasy land resplendent in some sartorial slam to their world view. This week that has been my Israeli-Palestinian moral equivalence destroyer, my "Give War a Chance" cri de coeur and today my answer to the cult of the Obama in what was a tour de force for those who love to stereotype. Walking out of the 7-11 with a 12 pack of Kers Light and a frozen pizza, wearing camo shorts, boots, ball cap and my NOPE shirt. It was wonderful to watch the shock as they saw the N where the H should be and to see their noses wrinkle as if someone had just tossed a turd in their punch bowl. Even better was smiling back at them and flashing them a V for Victory as I strolled by. Best was when the guy sitting outside the coffee shop smiled and said "Love the shirt man" and I replied "Fight the Power". 'Cuz you gotta push back or they will think we are putting up with the statist agenda of O and the rest of those who know better than we do how to live our lives. No you don't so back up off my tip, beeyotches! All the shirts came from cafepress.com.