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The return of smack-talking, blustery adventurer- Robert Young Pelton

Ryp As we have been talking about Mullah Omar and some of the other goings on in the Greater Hindu Kush not-very-metropolitan area, Tim Lynch of Free Range International and I have been cross-linking. He's a good dude and has helped many folks we know in their travels around A-Stan. He had a post today about the NY Times and it's distressing habit of revealing classified programs and how at one point this likely kept their kidnapped reporter in custody longer as we couldn't track the bad guys who had him. This segues into discussion of the DoD program providing atmospheric information about the ins and outs of the bad guys in Pakistan which has been very successful in helping our commanders protect our troops against enemy attacks.

One of the personalities mentioned regarding this program is the blustery adventurer mentioned in the title, a Mr. Robert Young Pelton (read Matt's post detailing his previous douchebaggery here). Well he tried to have some involvement in the early stages of this program before anything important happened, and now he has reared his silly-looking head again talking smack in Tim's comments.

I appreciate that you owe Brad Thor a favor because he paid you to run him around J-Bad playing “secret squirrel” but I am a having a problem with you squealing like a girl at the same time you lambast the media for being so chatty.

You need to be more restrained about providing the details on the very people you keep criticizing others for publicizing. If anyone is a security risk its those manipulated bloggers who are actually undermining the very American and Afghan elements that are providing support to information operations.

For the record you are ignorant, misinformed and being manipulated. Although you work the same area as my stomping grounds you seem terribly out of sync with about what is actually going on.

He goes on quite a bit longer and seriously beclowns himself. The bottom line is that Mr. Pelton can't seem to make up his mind whether he is the mastermind who came up with the plan to run this program, or just a poor innocent who was smeared by association. In the end the big kids decided that having a blustery adventurer really didn't do much to keep the troops alive and so he was ignored. Well I have some advice Mr. Pelton, wash your hair, trim that nasty lip varmint and STFU! Why don't you hook up w/ Bear Gryllz and eat some raw grubs or something and let the serious people continue their business.