Mullah Omar captured?
Mojave Cross Stolen

Political tools get military drivers


OK the Daily Caller has a piece up announcing that two of Obama's Chicago political tools get chauffeured back and forth to work each day. Now of course this is wrong and a waste of taxpayer money. I'm sure that the poor young troopies who have to drive them have to hold back their vomit every day, but I'm having a hard time genning up the outrageous outrage. I mean c'mon, this is Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. They know where all of Obama's bodies are buried and mistresses are stashed. I'm surprised they are not flying around in the Marine One chopper for God's sake. If either one of these two turns on O, he is a big old dusty book in the back of the library that nobody reads any more. And remember people some pigs are just more equal than others.