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Memorial Day: Fitting Memorials and Passing of Torches

By now, you have read this post by Blackfive.  If not, you need to.

Today, there are two posts you need to read in honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our today.  For they may be gone, but they also live on -- especially when others pick up the torches and carry on. 

First up is an amazing post from an amazing man:  Robert Stokely.  One of the true honors of being part of Team Blackfive was meeting this man, and getting to spend a small amount of time with him.  Today, I know that the things that made his son someone I wish I had known, and make him someone I am glad to know,  run throughout that family.  

Second, you need to go read an article in Savannah Women's Journal.  Use the browser thingy and turn to page 20.  Zoom in and read the page.  Oh, you might enjoy page 24 as well. 

Troops will fall.  Yet, when those left behind pick up the torches they carried and move forward, they are not and never will be forgotten, and the light cast shall be as that of a host.  

Remember the fallen who have given their tomorrows for your today.  Honor their memory, and if you would truly honor their life, pick up the torches they have left for us, and take them forward.


who notes that tissues are needed, for these are very dusty stories...