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James Hooker's Latest Songs

James Hooker, a Grammy award winning artist, has been featured here before.  His song "Hanging Out with the Boys (on the Line)" was one that military blogs played.

Now, he was two new songs with more coming in an album.  You can go here to check them out before buying.  Personally, "Find Your Way Home" is my favorite.

Now for the best part, James sent out this message today:

Hello All

Today, I´m releasing online, through iTunes, CDbaby, and - as soon as I can dig up the widgets - links for amazon etc - ¨The Pledge¨ and ¨Find Your Way Home¨

These songs will all be part of the on-line only (as of now) album of ¨Hanging Out With The Boys¨- to be released on CDbaby and iTunes in aprox 2 weeks.  There are eight more to come as they are mixed and mastered.  The title song, HANGING OUT WITH THE BOYS, is being up-loaded to CDbaby today, and, through CDbaby, should find it´s way to iTunes, Amazon and other ilk in less than a week.

Yes, I hope to sell these songs - piano players eat too - but, I want to give something back to the wonderful people who inspired these songs and make it possible to write this in English..  I WILL devote 10% of the gross from these two singles and album to Soldiers Angels, forever!  So, spread it around - The Angels know how to do it right.

I never wore the uniform.  THAT is the one regret, among many, I have yet to shake.

Thank you all very much and have a happy and safe Memorial Day.
And May The God You And I Worship Bless And Keep Safe The United States Of America

James Hooker

So you can buy some great music and support Soldiers Angels too.

Spread the word!