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Iraq releases two Iranians

Simultaneously the moms of three Americans detained in Iran are asking for their release.

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- Two Iranians detained for years in Iraq by U.S. troops have been freed and are headed home, officials at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad told CNN on Friday.

The release comes as the mothers of three imprisoned American hikers visit their incarcerated children in Iran. The mothers have been imploring the Iranian regime to release them.

But Iranian officials said the release of the two in Iraq has no connection to the status of the three hikers.

Puh-leaze. I wish no ill to the hikers, but what kind of ultra-maroon goes hiking on the Iranian border? There are mountains all over the planet and if you are unaware that we don't exactly have the greatest relations w/ the Iranians, you redefine clueless. I'm sure there will be an unrelated release of these pawns soon.