Troops in A-Stan patrolling with unloaded guns?
Amber status - troops patrolling with cold weapons?

CNAS reports on Obama Admin Engagement policy

I often call CNAS the Obama team's home think tank and this report is a great example of why. It is a look at the appeasement engagement that has been done so far and It's called:

America’s Extended Hand: Assessing the Obama Administration’s Global Engagement Strategy

Unsurprisingly it is a tongue bath and they conclude that kissing our enemies and kicking our allies is a brilliant thing.

We conclude that, in many ways, the Obama administration has achieved its initial objective of “re-starting” America’s relationship with the world. The administration clearly understands the importance of dialogue and of listening to foreign publics, and it is attempting to incor­porate a sensitivity to public opinion into its foreign policy decision making and translate public support into political leverage.

They have some suggestions to help them do all this hand extending.

Leverage renewed US standing in countries like Turkey, Indonesia and Brazil

Oooh, too bad they didn't have time to edit that or pick a couple other countries since two of these just helped Iran duck sanctions with exactly the kind of deals you get when we are seen as weak.


Yep that is Ahmadinejad raising the hands of the leaders of Brazil and Turkey after they inked a complete waste of paper agreement that will not slow down the Mullahs march to nuclear weapons. They are certainly extending hands. It's almost comical to read them extolling the virtues of a "sweetness and light, milk of human kindness" approach that let's dictators and tyrants know all they have to do is smile while they stick the knife in. Then they get to the mainstay of Obaman tactics, bashing Bush.

America’s global standing was in tatters due to an unpopular war in Iraq, a perception of unbridled American unilateralism and charges that the United States hypocritically advanced democ­racy abroad while compromising democratic values at home.

Really guys, we compromised our democratic values at home? Obviously that is a popular theme for this crowd of post-American anti-power-mongers. Heck our State department was just discussing with the Chinese how backward we are and Obama himself told the enlightened beacon of liberty that is Kazakhstan that we are still working on our democracy. Did we even hold any elections in the past decade?I would go on fisking this but I will point to one of their suggestions that pretty much outlines their intentions.
Do not recreate a separate US Information Agency but do create a small, grant-giving non-profit organization to empower the private sector and support U.S. strategic public activities.

Gee people do you have anyone in mind? They ought to be listed on the staff directory for the White House, shameless shills.