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Chicago cop & Iraq war vet Chicago

This is just sad. A Chicago police officer who had just come back from a tour in Iraq gets shot and killed outside his own house.

A 30-year-old Chicago police officer who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq was shot and killed when several people approached him outside his family's home and tried to steal his new motorcycle, authorities said Thursday.

Thomas Wortham IV's father — a retired Chicago police officer — came to his son's aid and shot two of the attackers, killing one of them late Wednesday, police said. Retired police officers are allowed to keep guns.

"This is a tragedy. This young man survived two tours in Iraq, and came home and got murdered on the streets in front of his house that he grew up in. In front of his father, it's just unbelievable," said Chicago Alderman Freddrenna Lyle.....

Wortham was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard, said spokeswoman Capt. Joy Staab. He enlisted in April 1999 and was last promoted to 1st lieutenant in August 2008, she said.

He was a member of my buddy Kev's unit 1/128th INF WI NG and he said LT Wortham was a good dude. The last time Kev saw him Wortham had him doing pushups because Kev had run across the street to salute him making fun of the fact that he had become an officer. What a freakin' shame. Godspeed LT.