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Wikileaks weasel on Colbert Report

Obviously Colbert runs a comedy show, but just as Jon Stewart does some news on the Daily Show, Colbert did some in treating the Wikileaks wanker as he deserved. The intro is silly, but he gets down to calling him out for the BS title of Collateral Murder as well as ignoring the weapons and the firefight that preceded the engagement. Julian Assange is an ass bandit and if an ass beating came his way then no skin off my ass. Lying scumbag slandered US troops and sits there with a smug look like he is doing a public service. F**k you buddy, and kudos for Colbert for calling him out like the little punk ass bitch that he is.

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Julian Assange
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Rusty over at the Jawa Report has a full-fledged breakdown of just how sorry this sorry mofo is. Love to have drinks with you sometime Julian, and if that sounds like a threat just remember I'm a pacifist.