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Why COIN won't work in Afghanistan

Why do I not believe that our current strategy in Afghanistan is going to work? Check out this extraordinarily complex slide showing the military's strategy for Afghanistan:

According to one of his advisers, General Stanley McChrystal said "When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war."

Yeah... it's times like these that I ask myself: "what would Patton do?"

Given the technology, I doubt Patton would EVER give a power point presentation. But if he did, it would likely have only one slide, which would say: "Use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wound, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time." Which do you think would be more successful?

Perhaps Gens. Petraeus, McChrystal, and their superiors should refer to Rule #7 of Richard Marcinko's Ten Commandments of SpecWar: "Thou shalt Keep it Simple, Stupid."