Why COIN won't work in Afghanistan
Our Own Major Pain fights a Sandwich Ninja in Afghanistan

What would we do without the "experts"?

Thanks goodness we can abandon the chart Crush has displayed below.  The "experts" have come to the rescue again and have finally delivered the definitive way to defeat al Qaeda - and the Taliban, I assume.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold:

Satire and ridicule can help win the fight against Al-Qaeda by stripping it of its glamour and mystique, a team of researchers argue in a report released in London and in comments to AFP.

Beating the Islamist movement is as much about winning the battle of ideas and undermining Al-Qaeda's counter-culture cachet as it is about conventional anti-terrorism operations, said the report.

"Terrorism must be defeated through the deliberate 'toxification' of the al-Qaeda brand; not by making it seem dangerous, but by exposing it as dumb," Jamie Bartlett, one of the report's authors, told AFP.

"Al-Qaeda has to be ridiculed as the equivalent of a middle-aged dad at a school disco: enthusiastic, incompetent and excruciatingly uncool."

It's nice to see our experts are so cool and up-to-date - school "disco"?

That aside imagine - Uncle J could be our new secret weapon.  We could deploy a Sarcasm corps.  A Ridicule regiment.  The mind boggles.

So put aside those slides Power Point Rangers - we don't need any overly complicated fancy-smancy charts.  Embrace "toxification".  Ridicule and sarcasm are sure to cause us to win the "battle of ideas" and will certainly turn al Qaeda into a shrinking band of uncool "middle-aged dads at the school disco" in the eyes of the fanatics. 

Yes, thank goodness for the experts.  Without them, its a wonder we survive at all.