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To Sink the Murtha

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Look people, I know it's obvious that we - the authors here at BlackFive - have had a lot to say on the late Congressman Murtha.  It would be very safe to say that we are not, have never been, fans of the Congressman.

Please read this post that I wrote almost four and a half years ago about John Murtha.

So now, many of you have written to us about the Navy's plan to launch the USS John Murtha.

...The Navy is naming its newest San Antonio-class amphibious transport-dock LPD 26 for Murtha, the powerful chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee who became an outspoken and influential critic of the Iraq war.

Murtha died in February at age 77 after complications from gallbladder surgery.

San Antonio-class ships support Marines and can carry roughly 700 troops, their equipment and vehicles. They are usually named after cities; the USS Murtha will be a break from that tradition...

This is probably one of the worst administrative ideas in the history of the Navy (this might be number two) - to name a ship after Murtha and that ship will carry MARINES?!  While I believe that a garbage scow should not carry his name, this is obviously pandering by the Navy.

This editorial over at the Washington Times (could of been written by Jimbo) says:

...It's doubtful that the ship naming will do much to honor Murtha. The brave Marines and sailors who serve aboard this vessel probably will refer to it only as LPD 26 or come up with a colorful nickname like "Porky Pig" or the "Fat Bastard" (the Marine favorite). Perhaps Murtha could still be useful in supplying the ship's slogan: "Cold Blooded Killers."...

"Porky Pig" refers both to Murtha's unrivaled ability to create government pork to benefit him and his family.

Over at The Sniper's place, he has created several military motivators based on this issue that I think most of you will appreciate - some harsh language is used (appropriately).  Commander Salamander has more info too including some more background on Murtha.

This is just plain wrong. 

Just. Plain. Wrong.