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I was going to write something up on this, but have decided not to bother after reading this excellent piece on the subject.  They also link to Ed who makes good points

War correspondents, new media, old media, whatever know the risks and the costs.  To pretend otherwise is many things, including patronizing and insulting to the media and to others. 

War is dangerous, and stupidity can be terminal.  If you hang around with insurgents, or go charging towards a firefight in an unmarked vehicle, you can pay the price.  Deservedly so even.  Good intentions don't mean a thing when the bullets are flying, and only fools think they do.  


UPDATE:  Rusty adds yet more to discredit both the smear by Wikileaks and fellow-travelers, and there is also word coming out that Reuters has a ripe reputation in regards some of its "coverage" of the insurgents.  This hysterical smear, attempting to paint this as some sort of murder, just flat does not hold up for anyone with eyes and/or two neurons to form a synapse. 

UPDATE II:  A source has sent me the following photos with the notation that Reuters is not to be trusted around insurgents.  These show a rather extensive video editing/production set up found by U.S./Coalition in 2004 in/near Fallujah.  Those who know, know that at that time no one was in that area that was not a part of or fully approved by the insurgents.  Food for thought indeed, especially as I trust this source unreservedly...